Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing about coronavirus (COVID-19)?

In response to COVID-19, we do not accept Cash Tips. We will visually verify ID through the door glass or window, and deposit your order outside your door. We appreciate your cooperation.

Is CarHop delivery legal?

Yes! We work diligently to remain compliant with Maine Statutes.

What are the rules?

You must be 21 or older, and not overly intoxicated. If ordering medical marijuana, you must rightfully possess a medical card compliant for use in Maine (this includes out of state receiprocity as applicable). If you can't buy it at the store, we can't deliver it to you.

My favorite item isn't listed, can you still pick it up for me?

Yes! Send us an email to operations@carhopme.com or call/text (207) 450-6105, and we will research the price and load it onto the site for you if possible ASAP.

Can I pay with cash?

No, we only accept credit card for safety. 

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in areas ranging from from Kittery to Bangor.

Do you deliver mixed drinks?

We only can deliver what you can buy at a store and take home with you, including cocktails to go. If Ready to Drink (RTD) and mixed in a sealed container for sale, then yes, we can. Otherwise, just let us know what mixers or other supplies you may need!

Why is the price slightly different that at the store shelf?

We automatically include bottle deposits in the price shown on our site. Otherwise, the prices are exactly as they are at the store.

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